Sunday, October 16, 2011

My last trip to Florida.

During my last trip to Florida I did many things and one of those things was that I went to sea world and whales, dolphins, and my favorite sharks. while it sea world I went on many rides such as the Kracken, and the Sting Ray(the sting ray was my favorite). I also went to the flee markets there and that was the best because I saw many cool things like knives, paintings, airsoft guns, and some towles with cool designs on them.

We stayed at the west gate resort and I got a special pass so I could play all the games for free because my grandparents are owners of some of there rooms. I played mini-gulf everyday with my little sister and we had lots of fun. Also me and my family went on boat rides, played board games, went swimming, and went to water parks.

All the people that where there with me where 2 of my cousins, 1 anut, 1 uncle, my mom, my step dad, my 2 little sisters and my grandparents. We had lots of fun with each other because we did everything with each other. We even all stayed in rooms next to each other. My favorite part of the trip was spending time with my family.

When we came back I didn't like it because it was a 2 day drive back and when we got back there was snow on the ground and it was freezing outside. When I got back to school I got lots of homework and all my friend s asked how the trip was and I said it was vantastic. I can't wait tell we go back next year.

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